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Monday, March 11, 2013


Don't Expect too Much....

Do you ever experience an expectation that hightens when you hear about a new product or movie, everyone talks it up. The reviews come in with a lot of hype and you finally get a chance to experience what you have put on a pedestal and are expecting to be amazed!  When you finally get to participate in this amazing moment, you don't see what the big fuss is about.  In fact you are disappointed, maybe kick yourself for building your expectations up so high.  I have been a victim of this fall too many times and have learned to use this thinking, "have an open mind" take everything in as an opinion, think about all aspects of it.  What is it trying to sell?
I think of it as buying a car.  I can read all the reviews, hear everyones opinion of how they like it, but until I get behind the wheel and test drive it, I don't know if I will like it for myself.  Does it meet my needs? 
One thing I do when I hear about a new place to eat, I read the reviews from food critics, consumers, and talk to people I know that have tried it.  I try to see what they see it as, their view point.  Is it on the actual food appeal?  Or the atmosphere or the familiarity of the food to them?  Of course these are all great factors that play a part in the experience and how one enjoys their food, just not letting it overtake the actual product that you are trying to savore and the seller is trying to bring across.  

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