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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Besaw's Brunch

This last weekend I decided to go to a new place I've been wanting to try, Besaw.  I also thought it would be a nice treat since it was my birthday and my day off.  I had read reviews on Besaw and driven past it a couple times and realized this is the last probable time I could eat here. 
Driving up to it, the quaint restaurant has the look of an old ice cream parlor.  Beware of when you go though, people surround the corner of the front door if you happen to go on a Sunday morning for brunch. Walking in through the big glass door there is a cramped but homely feel, with servers dressed in normal clothes talking to customers as old acquaintances.  A long bar with antique parlor stoles line the maple wood bar where single patrons sip there drinks and read the paper or people watch. I was eating alone, so I asked to sit at the bar because I was pretty hungry at this point and I wouldn't have to wait long.  I was give a menu right away that consist of one page, front and back, then nicely asked by the bar man what I would like to drink.  I decided on a cup of coffee, reading that they brewed Stumptown Coffee, a local coffee roaster, this being my first cup of the day and I like this brand of coffee.  I then scanned the menu and saw a lot of tasty choices from french toast to egg scrambles all using organic local produce. I also noticed a separate card with the specials on it that I assumed they change with the local fresh ingredients available.  I ended up choosing something that wouldn't be too filling: two over easy eggs with bacon, avocado, sun dried tomatoes served on a house made brioche bun with rosemary pan fried red potatoes on the side. 

I was too hungry to take
a before picture.

After I put my order in I scanned the room a little more.  The room had a warm, light feel to it even with wood covering the walls, the bar and an old worn wood floor.  Most of the walls had big wide windows with blinds covering them with a few old pictures on the windowless walls.  Along the top of the bar was the popular Portland style of Mason jars filled with assortment of pickled vegetables.  Overall, if you can handle tight spaces and a crowded room, it a fun atmosphere and I bet if you became a regular,the employees would get to know you and treat you like family, which is what I saw.  I ended up bringing a food magazine and enjoyed reading it and taking notes while I took in the atmosphere and enjoyed my food. 

The only negative thing I could say about my food, is it was slightly cold, and the best thing was the mimosas, one of the best I've ever had, I ended up treating myself to for my birthday. 

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